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Seraya Secrets

A paradise for macro lovers and underwater photographers, this “muck diving” site is teeming with fascinating and rare little critters, including countless Nudibranch and the elusive Harlequin shrimp.


3 – 35 meters




Just a few kilometers east of Tulamben is a dive site affectionately known as “Seraya Secrets.” At first glance, it may appear that there is not much to see on this stretch of black sandy sea floor aside from a few small pebbles, rocks, and pieces of coral – but look closely and you’ll be in for a treat! Seraya Secrets is one of the best “muck diving” sites in Bali and an excellent spot for macro photography. True to its name, this dive site is chock full of marine secrets and the sandy slope is teeming with many tiny, yet rare, critters. Just make sure not to forget your camera!

Seraya Secrets is actually made up of three smaller dive sites: Top Secrets, Deep Secrets and Noisy Secrets, the latter of which gets its name due to the sounds made by the juvenile triggerfish that live here.

It is important to note that because this dive site has such a silty bottom, scuba divers should have good buoyancy skills and be able to maintain control to avoid stirring up the sand.

Marine Wildlife

Seraya Secrets is an absolute paradise for macro lovers. It’s practically impossible to list all the different critters you can see! On just a single dive, you can expect to see many different species and colors of Nudibranch, such as the donut and pikachu nudis… just to name a few. The rare spotted Harlequin shrimp is perhaps Seraya’s most famous resident. Other species of shrimp can be found here as well, including Coleman and tiger shrimp. Boxer crabs, frogfish, ghost pipefish, and pygmy seahorses are just a few of the other minuscule marine dwellers that Seraya Secrets is best known for. In addition to searching for the many small creatures that are hiding across this site, also keep an eye out for for the blue dotted stingrays that burrow themselves in the sandy slope. If you’re lucky, you may also spot a mimic octopus during your dive here! The “cleaning stations” at Seraya Secrets are an intriguing natural phenomenon to observe. Here, you can watch as tiny cleaner shrimp diligently remove parasites from moray eels, coral groupers, and sweetlips – even inside their mouths! Be sure to come back again at night to uncover even more secrets and types of wildlife!

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