Tulamben - Amed

Drop Off

An impressive underwater cliffside created by the eruption of Mount Agung. Vibrant corals, gorgonians, and sponges cover this picturesque wall that drops down to 70+ meters.


3 – 70+ meters


All levels


Also known as the “Tulamben Wall,” the Drop Off is a dive site located at the end of Tulamben Bay. Aptly named, the Drop Off is a vertical underwater cliffside that plunges down over 70 meters. This dramatic natural feature was formed by the lava flow from the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963.

The Drop Off is an enchanting underwater landscape sculpted by overhanging rocks and covered in corals, gorgonian fans, and sponges. The steep wall makes an ideal habitat for a diverse array of marine critters and is excellent place to discover Bali’s fascinating aquatic life.

The Drop Off is great site for divers of all levels to explore. The depth of the dive can be adapted based on your experience. The site is easily accessible. After entering from the beach, it is just a short swim to reach the wall.

Marine Wildlife

The marine life you’ll see as you descend along the wall is similar to that of the Liberty Wreck. Look closely, and you will find moray eels, mantis shrimp, octopus, frogfish, and lionfish tucked away in the wall’s many crevices. Tiny pygmy seahorses and longnose hawkfish can also be spotted hiding among the gorgonian fans. Multiple types of angelfish are at home here including emperor angelfish, blue-banded angelfish, and yellow-faced angelfish. Anemonefish can be found living among the large anemones that protrude from the wall. You may also come across species such as bumphead parrotfish, tuna, trevally, triggerfish and pufferfish, navigating the surrounding waters.

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