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Boga Wreck

Bali’s newest shipwreck remains nearly fully intact as it transforms into a haven for marine life. The site also features a submerged VW car and other interesting pieces.


18 – 40 meters




The Liberty Wreck isn’t the only shipwreck you can explore during your visit to Tulamben. The Boga Wreck is located just off the coast of Kubu, a village just north of Tulamben. Due to its location, you may also hear this dive site referred to as the “Kubu Wreck.”

In its former life, the Boga ship was a patrol vessel used by the Indonesian Government. In 2012, the ship was intentionally sunk to create an artificial reef for marine life and an intriguing new dive site. The Boga Wreck now rests on a sandy slope about 60 meters off the beach, spanning nearly 45 meters in length. Though not as massive as the Liberty, the Boga has its own allure that makes it worth exploring.

One of the main differences that you’ll notice between the two shipwrecks is that the Boga Wreck is still mostly intact. It’s easy to make out the different parts of the vessel which lies with its bow facing the shore and its propeller extending down into the sea. Some of the interesting features that divers will see include a wooden steering wheel on the ship’s upper deck, as well as buddha statues and a Volkswagen car inside.

Because it is located between 18 to 40 meters deep, the Boga Wreck is only recommended for advanced scuba divers. It does, however, make an ideal location for deep training dives.

Marine Wildlife

As a relatively young wreck, the Boga is not yet fully colonized with corals. However, plenty of fish have already moved in and can be seen during a visit to the site. Barracuda, octopus, surgeonfish, fusilier fish, angelfish, batfish, damselfish, nudibranchs, and trigger fish are just some of the marine creatures that can be found here.

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