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After diving with multiple dive shops in Tulamben, the best experience, by far, was with Roman. He's an absolute professional, prioritizing safety throughout the entire process. His fun, light-hearted personality makes each diver feel welcomed and comfortable, and his knowledge of the waters of Tulamben is really remarkable. Not only did he lead us on a beautiful tour of the Liberty Shipwreck, but he also taught us the history of the wreck, informed us of the marine life we would see during the dive, and asked us to join him for coffee after the dive. It was an incredible experience from start to finish.


I chose to get my PADI open water dive certification with Nyoman and it was the best decision I made while in Bali. Every skill was tested in the pool prior to going to the sea and if I had any questions I never felt hesitant about asking Nyoman to re-demonstrate. The passion Nyoman has for his job and for diving is very obvious from the moment you meet him and being around him quickly makes you feel comfortable and makes the task of learning to dive very fun and exciting. If you find yourself in Bali and are looking for adventure or to get closer with the underwater world I would say that Nyoman is your best option!


I was really hesitant to go diving, but being that we were in Bali I thought, why not. As soon as we pulled up Nyoman was there to greet us with this giant smile, and I instantly felt excited and comfortable. He did such an amazing job going over the equipment, what to do in certain circumstances, that I was ready to get in the water. I felt quite panicked being underwater at first but Nyoman was right there to make sure I was OK, and safe. After that I had the time of my life diving and exploring, getting a feel for the equipment and being underwater. Next time we come to Bali we've already talked about making Tulamben our first stop to get certified by him.


We dove the USS Liberty and the Drop-Off in Tulamben and it was all-around a great experience. Roman is a real pro and safety is clearly key for him. My husband had not dove since his open water test six months prior, therefore Roman took the time to review the basics, a proper briefing and he even verified some skills before beginning the dive. I have had the chance to dive all over the world and can honestly say I have rarely seen someone as thorough as Roman during my holiday dives.


My instructor Roman was incredibly patient and informative with me. He made me feel really comfortable about diving for the first time. He is a real professional, and he has so much experience. I did two dives with him, the Liberty ship wreck and the Drop Off. Both were incredible dives, and I saw many different corals and fish. Roman also helped me takes lots of awesome pictures at each site. I couldn't be happier with my experience, and it was truly unforgettable.


Nyoman and his team were thorough in their explanation of the equipment and had very clear English. You can tell that they genuinely love what they do and are excited to share their knowledge of the sea. We explored the ship wreck and ``the wall`` and beyond feeling comfortable with the elements of diving were given a history of the area and an explanation of the numerous fish that we saw. If you're a first time diver, especially if you have a few hesitations about diving, this is the place for you.

Michael Z

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